Adjusting panel rulers uith the Object Selector tool

You have several means to adjust panel rulers in Manga Studio, and a good amount of them involve the Object Selector tool, located on the Tools palette. Just like if you were using it for regular rulers and guides in the program (see Chapter 8), the Object Selector allows you to select and manipulate the panel rulers however you'd like. In fact, even though I explain some other functions you can use to adjust things easily, you really could get by using only the Panel Cutter and Object Selector tools.

You can use the Object Selector to adjust a panel ruler in several ways. If you select a corner, as shown in Figure 7-11, you can drag it practically any place on or off the canvas with your mouse or stylus, and the rulers adjust accordingly. This can result in some unique panel shapes, if you're feeling artistically adventurous.

Figure 7-11:

Selecting a panel ruler corner can help you create some interesting shapes.

Figure 7-11:

Selecting a panel ruler corner can help you create some interesting shapes.

Selecting and adjusting a panel ruler side (see Figure 7-12) helps you adjust the size of the panel, while still maintaining the general shape you originally created.

Figure 7-12:

Selecting 3 panel ruler side helps keep the panel's general shape while resizing.

If you're looking to take advantage of Manga Studio's automatic functions, which I describe in the following sections, you usually need to first select a whole panel or group panels. You can select an entire panel in two ways:

w Ctrl+click (3€->-click on the Mac) the panel with the Object Selector tool or

Open the Tool Options palette (press F3) and select the Select All Continuous Points on Ruler check box so that you can simply click a panel to select the whole thing.

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