Adjusting a Lagers Settings

So you may be asking, "Well, 1 created a new layer, but it isn't exactly what 1 meant to select. Can I adjust a layer after I create it?" I he short answer is, "It depends."

One thing you'll come to know as you use this program is that most of the settings are not set in stone. It's definitely an advantage to working digitally — if the settings on a layer are not to your liking, change them! You can do this in a couple of ways in Manga Studio, which 1 discuss in the following subsections.

Untitled is a dirty word

It sounds like a trite thing to do, but you'd be amazed how a simple thing like naming your layers can help organize your work, as well as help you keep track of exactly what layer you're working on. I figure at the very least, by writing this down, maybe ifll help remind me to actually practice what I'm about to preach.

If you aren't worried about labeling layers for yourself, consider this: If you're just penciling your work and planning to send the file to your inker (or if you're inking and sending it to your screentoner), considerthat the other person is going to have no clue what each layer is supposed to be and which layers she should actually focus on.

You can lose a lot of time and energy when you find yourself drawing on the wrong layer. While I won't say that naming your layers will absolve you of such headaches in itie future, it may help to cut down on the amount of aspirin you'd betaking otherwise.

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