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Inserting additional points to a ruler is much like taking a drinking straw and bending it, eventually creating a crease in it. Creasing it once allows you to bend the straw a couple of ways. Add a few more creases, and you can bend the straw in more ways. The more creases you make, the more ways you can shape the straw.

Adding more points to a ruler not only allows for more intricate shapes, but it can also change the bend of a curved ruler as well, which you can see in Figure 8-8. The additional points help you to bend the curve in ways that you couldn't do before. This is a great way to create one long ruler that fits what you want to draw, instead of moving and adjusting the ruler to fit each part as necessary.

Figure 8-8:

The more points you add, the greater the ruler articulation.

Figure 8-8:

The more points you add, the greater the ruler articulation.

To add points to a ruler side, follow these steps:

1. Click the Object Selector, located on the Tools palette.

2. Make sure that the Select All Continuous Points on Ruler check box on the Tool Options palette is deselected.

3. Click the ruler side you wish to add a point to.

If you're adding points to multiple sides of a guide, hold down the Shift key as you select each side you want selected. If you want to add points to the entire guide, hold down the Ctrl key (36 on the Mac) as you click on the object.

4. From the main menu, choose Ruler: Add Points to Selected Sides. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Alt+A (36+Option+A on the Mac).

You see a new point in the middle of the selected ruler's side. All you need to do now is use the Object Selector to move that endpoint around until you get the ruler exactly how you want it. If it still isn't quite right, simply add another point!

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