Adding a NeuJ Lager

Using additional layers on a page in Manga Studio is much like putting tracing paper on top of a regular sheet of paper; it allows you to work on top of your roughs, while leaving the original art untouched. Refining your work on a new layer not only keeps your various art stages separate, it makes it so that you don't need to go through and erase all the rough pencil work from the finished line art. That saves you some extra time.

Follow these steps to add a new layer to your page;

1. From the main menu, choose Layer-: New Layer,

A New Layer dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 3-6. The default settings for the layer suffice for this exercise, so you don't need to change anything here.

Figure 3-6:

The New Layer dialog box.

Hew Laye!

Jd A Ne* Lyti w*h [he Mowng SaitTifli

flenObon GUOtti V-. EramwMo* eiacl v

OuipulÀBifctk Ojkítch (.; [«h S¡¿Atoara Mtíhoü

I Canee

Your new layer is all set for you to refine your roughs.

Try not to go to crazy with layers, as it will increase the size of your file and may have an adverse effect in your computer's performance.

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