Bit about Selection Layers and Why loutt LOVE Them

Normally with drawing programs, if you want to reuse a selection later in the creative process, you simply redraw it with a Selection tool. It can be time-consuming (especially if the selection is particularly intricate), but it works.

Hut, what if you could save a selection you think you'll be coming back to later on?

That's the idea behind selection layers. Unlike creating a selection on an image layer, like you normally would, you draw one on this special layer, which you can then add to, remove from, move around, and convert to an image layer selection as many times as you want — all without having to completely redraw the selection from scratch. What's more, you don't have to use a Selection tool to create the selection if you don't want to. Any of the drawing tools in your toolbox can be used to outline and fill in your selection area, which can result in a myriad of effects that you can't do with the normal Selection tools.

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