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Learn To Draw Manga Like A Professional Manga Artist. In this course you'll learn how to draw the exact dimensions required and how to balance facial features perfectly so that your characters hold the expressions you desire. Discover exactly how to draw males and female Manga characters, young and old, with perfect eyes, noses, ears and mouths so you can have complete control over your character's personality! In Mad About Manga, you'll learn: The essential rules for Manga text that ensure it's punchy and captivating. Follow my three step drafting technique that produces professional Manga strories with ease. How to use different styles of word baloons to create engaging easy to follow Manga. Vital rules for layout of characters and dialogue for creating Manga that people will enjoy. Learn the 3 components of comic humour and make your Manga hilariously entertaining. Learn the golden rule for connecting with your readers so they'll love your Manga. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of websites have asked me about this book, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I purchased a copy myself to figure out what all the fuss was about.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Beauty with Bouquet

Sketching Sexy Anime

Curled hair is a hallmark of girls comics shojo manga . Here, a dozen or so lines twist together to form each tress, and you can see how the delicately curving lines and the varying widths of white space between them combine to give the curls a remarkable feeling of volume. Preserve Your Original Conception through Attention to Detail Start by blocking out the overall image, and then work up a complete rough sketch. If you go ahead and rough in the flowers and other accessories at this stage,...

Express blows swelling bruises and the like with oblique lines and tones

Oblique Drawing

When there is cerebral hemorrhaging in the eyes adding a tone makes the eyes red. When showing ciose-ups add tones on top of the obiiqu lines to express red and black-and-blue swelling. When there is cerebral hemorrhaging in the eyes adding a tone makes the eyes red. after having the neck strangled. Adding oblique lines makes the area look bruised. Lacerations from a blade or knife should be sharp. This has been composed with the curved lines drawn along the curved facial sections. When showing...


Anime Character Biting Their Lip

In an irritated expression, the eyelids droop, and the eyebrows either are horizontal or slant inward some. The eyes may be caught in midroll, as if the character is looking off to some distant spot trying to remain calm. The look is completed with a slightly pouted mouth. You can show anger by slanting down the middle of the forehead. Notice the little buckle between the eyebrows. Clenched teeth also indicate anger. However, you do not need to draw individual teeth. Draw them as one shape....

Face Other Angles

Face Angles Drawing

Here is a quick look at drawing the head from more dramatic angles. The trick here will be thinking 3-D and being able to rotate the basic construction shapes in your mind's eye. This may take some getting used to. There are infinite angles from which to draw, but once you are proficient at rotating objects in your head, the process will become easier. Then you can handle drawing heads from any point of view. If you want the characters you draw to stir any emotion in the viewer, then a firm...

Chapter Drawing The Face

Face Proportions

By Yu Kinutani Media Works Dengeki Comics EX from Angel Arm By Yu Kinutani Media Works Dengeki Comics EX from Angel Arm By Yu Kinutani Media Works Dengeki Comics EX from Angel Arm Go ahead and draw the face of one of your original characters. As you do so, think about the drawing and the shape. You will see how flat the side of the human face is when eye position and ear position are connected with lines. You will see how flat the side of the human face is when eye position and ear position are...

PLATE Proportions of the baby headfirst year

Child Face Proportions

Changes in the infant skull take place very rapidly from the moment of birth through the first year or two. It is in the infant stage that the skull takes shape. The original shape may be due to prenatal pressures and the degree of hardness of the bone. After birth the bone tends to adjust to the eonditions imposed upon it, the growth of the brain, the closing of the sections of the skull at the top of the cranium, which nature left open and pliable to facilitate birth. Racial skull types are...

Head Tilts and Turns

Drawing Female From Behind

What gives our modern leading man his sleek look Primarily, it's the contour line that flows from the zygomatic arch the cheekbone just behind the eye down to the chin. This creates a separate plane out of the front of the face, narrowing almost to a triangle. You can see this separate, but distinct, plane in every pose, no matter which way the head tilts. Ever wonder why all the guidelines drawn on the face are curved instead of straight It's because the head is round, not flat. Think of the...

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