Nowadays, tone is indispensable for drawing cartoons. Make sure that the manuscript paper is free from dust and erase residue. If it sticks to the tone paper you won't be able to use it. The sheets are packed individually in clear plastic bags. They should be put back after use. This #61 refers to Letraset #61 and tone of this dot size is called Screen-Tone. Letraset #684 looks like sand; therefore, it is called sandy dot.

Manga Screen Tone
S-428(IC) S-45 2(IC) S-686(IC) S-51(IC)
Instantex Letraset

Instantex (Letraset)

Tone, dot-tone and gradation create half-tones from black to white. There are also different types of tones such as tone for use in backgrounds and or for garments and other textures.

The cut and paste type is not the only kind of tone. Transfers are also available. Which type you use will depend on the situation.

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