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Manga Female Characters

The orbit of movement of [the shoulder and arm.

The deltoid muscle is positioned here.

The elbow position when the arms are lowered.

The trapezoid wil stretch or shrink depending on the^l movement. A

The hands fall here

When you cannot figure out the length of the arm when it is stretched horizontally, use as a guideline the length when it is raised.

When this length is calculated, then

The crotch has a small gap through the thighs, when the legs are closed.

it will be easy to imagine the length of this portion.

Another way is to measure the length of the deltoid, then add the same length of biceps plus the joint.

When the legs are opened, there is a gap between the joints of the thighs.

Do not draw crotches like this.

Let's look at the back

The skeletal structure of the shoulder blade.

Manga Draw Back Side

The side abdominal muscles bunch together on the inner side. —^

This side is drawn \stretched and simple

When you have a closer look at the shoulder blades you may realize they look like a face.

Try to remember them by the face shown above.

The same result will happen even if the body is bent backward or forward.

When the t is twisted

The shoulder blades lift up when the shoulders are lifted up.

Let's look at the side

The shoulder may move back and forth a little.

Shoulder Position

A guideline to standard hands and feet

The standard size of a hand is one big enough cover the face with it.

When the body is bent down forward the shoulder position will be pushed forward a little

A length of the upper arm should be equal to one and a half the size of the head.

A length of the lower arm should be equal to twice the size of the head when the fingers are straightened

On the other hand,when the chest is bent backwards, then the shoulder position will also fall backward a < little.


male body

The upper position of the hipbone reaches the navel line.

Navel Line

The upper position of the hipbone reaches the navel line.

The difference between and the female body the male body

Women usually have narrower shoulders and the skeletal structure around the breast is smaller than for that of men. The biggest difference is the pelvis.

The woman's hipbone line reaches to the navel and the waistline comes above navel.

The position of the nipples is lower in women than in men.

Men have the body shape of a triangle in reverse, while women have a wider hipped body shape just like a bowling pin.

Human Body Shapes Men

Men have the body shape of a triangle in reverse, while women have a wider hipped body shape just like a bowling pin.

Proportions The proportion of the body is decided by the number of head lengths, so you should first ask yourself how many head lengths there are.

Teknik Manga Head

The size of the head becomes relatively bigger when dividing the same height body into a different number of head lengths

Use 2-3 head lengths for a gag character.

Heroes are 9-10 Fashion models are head lengths tall. 7-8 head lengths tall

Use 6-7 head lengths for average adults. Use 5~6 head lengths for old people.

Use 3-4 head lengths for toddlers.

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