Kaimei Lettering

Some of the commonly used inks and Kaimei Bokuju (China Ink). Kaimei Bokuju does not dry as fast as Pilot, but there will be no problem if you keep a roll of absorbant papfer (toilet rolls work fine!) handy for blotting up excessive ink(See illustration).

Pilot ink for writing documents is water-resistent, and used for drawing in color. Nowadays, many other good inks have also become available.

Dr. Martin's, Line & Beta and Lettering Sol, out of the upper four inks in the photo, are water-resistent. The strength of the black, including Cartoon Black, is much higher than Pilot or Kaimei Bokuju, and they provide a spotless finish.

(1) Place the roll of paper on (2) Roll it over once only. Do not (3) Do not reverse roll to avoid the drawing. push down otherwise the lines spots.

may smear.

Manga Roll

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