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Walls are easy when depicted on buildings; however, when the background of a scene in most homes and rooms ends up being just a wall, steps need to be taken to make it look dirty if the wall is old.

Tre feeimg cf subsistence changes vvtrcn shadows are rot present arQ when they are.

When using effect lines to create shadows, if ihe lines are too thick, their subsistence tends to stick ojt. creating obtrusive shadows that end up making the drawing look dirty.


While shadows are used for expressing a feeling of subsistence, they are not intended to be obtrusive. With ths in mind, draw sharp lines as thin as possible.

Since this method is a high level coo Involving a skilled pen. it Is a into c:ffio.;it to recommend tc beginners.

Shadow Applications

In some cases, shadows are gradated from light to dark.

I he light and darkness is n'ffimri in rooms too, depeming on tha araa.

Consider ng class

Depending on the transparency and the relationship of the angle and the light, glass can end up looking like a mirror. Just try to take action to make it look like glass without thinking too much about it.

It is effective to show the sky reflected on glass at midday. Conversely, at night, the inside of the rooms can be easily seen.
Basic Light Shadow Manga

Itsabo effective to show the character reflected on glass and adding light with white.

Adding a shadow makes what is inside the glass visible.

"hare are runercus methods xr -nanaging these sedations and the istes: way to hiprove is to try rotating skillfully ragged [ takgrounds.

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