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I knew it.

just because he was a pro doesn't mean he was making a living.

He had other, various difficulties. But that's another story...

From that time, about a year later, he successfully joined the ranks of

Manga SpaceManga Space


We interrupt this broadcast to bring you the news...




Moving right along..."How to Draw MANGA Volume 3" is brought to you by this little lady, that old man /

Well, looks like this could go on forever, so let's get back to the main event.

Can 5sy summing herd?

Manga SpaceManga Space

How t

Next, find and set the centerline.

Use this area as a yardstick to tidy up the shape of the ellipse.

Try drawing a centerline for bisymmetrical objects. As an example, try drawing a glass.

O First, simply give it shape.

Next, find and set the centerline.

€> Look at the centerline and while paying attention to the bisymmetrical balance, tidy up the shape.

O If things aren't going so well, try drawing a box of perspective lines and rethink the work from there

If you can't draw ellipses well, and if it is an ellipse viewed from the front, one method is to draw a cross in a trapezoid and then connect the points forming a diamond shape and use that as a yardstick for drawing the ellipse.

Use this area as a yardstick to tidy up the shape of the ellipse.

© For reflections, extend the box of perspective lines and think from there.

Note that the method of thinking changes when viewed from a diagonal angle - see dotted line.

Centerlines are:

Fundamentally, drawn to show the Asymmetrical balance. Their use can be extended to cases using human figures and showing the Asymmetrical area of objects and spaces.

© The key point in this drawing is probably the tone management in the reflection. The first point of caution is to attach a dark, deep in color tone before all else. \\ u

© Next, once a light, pale tone is added on top of the dark, deep tone, etch at a point slightly off the border and line it up with the border of the first tone.

0 Once the outline is complete, do it in pen. Give shape to areas that do not need to be inked with a blue pencil and later use that as a yardstick for attaching tones.

Attaching a light, pale tone before all else turns the area black when a dark, deep tone is layered and •nakes it difficult to see i'itiere to use a cutter.

»Cut and remove the etched, transparent area. Adding expressions of ght using white or etching can complete the work.

When putting characters into scenes and drawing backgrounds, put the principle of placing the character inside a perspective into practice.

Masses The Lips Drawing

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