Wrong again!!


Must i&v? ftierlm

THAT is the voice of the READERS... they all LOVE reading manga!

Manga Space

And you still can't draw...

I've racked my brain on how to make it interesting.

And } wondered what entertains people... j

Hey...can you show me your rough draft?

Did you have loads of fun drawing that? Was it a good time?

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You're right. All I was thinking about was really showing the publisher and becoming a pro at all costs.

Manga is about..

Think about things like, "tf if the characte could do thisi that here, wou it be groat or? had a characi like this wotic* it be cool." J

Or how about something unexpected like this. If you think like that, you'll have fun.

And then take that feeling of enjoyment and pour it on to the page as you draw.

Yeah, I see your point.

t^e creator polling his^ heart out onfthe page %vijh pictures and a sdr^rio. That's it.

But the pros face the same hardships.

Drawings For Tension

The tension in my shoulders seems to be gone. I feel like I'll be able to enjoy myself when I draw.

Thanks little lady!

So how about a little celebration as my way of saying thanks!!

I hear that!

Female Manga Characters Line Drawings

From that time, about a year later, he successfully joined the ranks of

Manga Boy Male Proportions

Alt right then little lady!!

The mirror

F/'rsf things first I'll start having fun with it p?

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