Drawings Of Manga People

The end has been cut off.

Shortened pen

Gillotts SchoolGillotts School

Some people feel that pens with long bodies are too heavy and cumbersome. If you feel this way, cut off the end of the pen.

Manga Kabura Pen
It's lighter and easy to draw with.
Gillotts School

Pen tips are manufactured by such companies as Zebra and Tachikawa, among others. There are four basic types of tips.

Topic 5 Types of Pen Tips





Round Pens

('marupen' in Japanese)

Round Pens

('marupen' in Japanese)

Spoon Pens

(also called a 'kabura' pen)

Spoon Pens

(also called a 'kabura' pen)


Tachikawa (Aluminum)


Tachikawa (Chrome)




Zebra (Aluminum)

Zebra (Chrome)

G-pens and round pens have a wide following. Spoons pens (kabura pens) are less popular. School pens are said to be for people with a heavy drawing hand.

School Pens


Manga People


G-pens yield soft and flexible lines. Thick lines can also be drawn with these kinds of pens.

Thick And Soft Line Illustration Fashion

Spoon Pens

Spoon pens yield smooth, fluent and somewhat soft lines.

Gillotts SchoolDraw Manga Pen

When drawing ^ modulated, dynamic, amorous lines, use a G-pen or a spoon pen.

Spoon pens yield smooth, fluent and somewhat soft lines.

Some artists prefer just the opposite: spoon pens for fine lines and G-pens and round pens for thick lines.

Of course, it all depends on the person.


Spoon Pens

Which pen tip should you choose? It all depends on whom you ask and, of course, what you need the pen to do.

Tachikawa Pen All One

Artists who have heavy hands will find spoon pens ideal for drawing the kinds of lines normally associated with G-pens.

aluminum chrome

Tachikawa spoon

Zebra spoon (aluminum)

Spoon Drawing

Nikkoo spoon

Zebra spoon (chrome)

The quality of the pen and tip varies from one brand to the next. You will discover slight differences in the feel of pens and the quality of the lines they produce.

Nikkoo spoon

Zebra spoon (chrome)

Since well-defined illustrations are fundamental to manga, characters are drawn with thick lines and backgrounds with thin lines.

Topic 6

Proper Use of Different Kinds of Pen Tips

Different Kinds Lines

Bad example: The outlines of the character are thin and the background lines are thick.

Good Manga Background Picture
Good example: The outlines of the character are thin but the lines of the background are even thinner.
Manga Backgrounds Drawing

Bad example: The outlines of the character and the background have the same thickness.

Manga Backgrounds Drawing
Good example: The outlines of the character are thick and the lines of the background are thin.

Experienced artists use a variety of pen tips.

Artists That Use LineManga Characters Outline

Thick, modulated lines can be easily drawn with G-pens and round pens. Thick lines cannot be produced with spoon pens or school pens without applying a lot of force, and are therefore best suited for uniform lines.

With the same round pen, there is a noticeable difference in the lines drawn with new and used pen tips. Some people like to have several pens on hand and divide their usage.

How Draw People Bodies

Not all pen tips fit all pen bodies.

Some brand-name pen bodies can only use tips produced by the same manufacturer. Before buying a round pen, make sure the tip fits the body.




Nikkoo various round pen bodies

Topic 7

New and Used Pen Tips: Choosing One That's Right

As the tip of the pen becomes worn with use, the thickness of the lines and the feel of the pen will change. The key is to know when to change tips.

slightly used pen (with an almost perfect feel when drawing)

brand-new pen brand-new pen

old pen (reserved for frame borders and extremely thick lines)
How Draw Manga People

areas to be enlarged - done with an old pen fine areas - done with a brand-new pen smooth areas - done with a slightly used pen

Watch Wrist Size Chart

Note: Once you've broken in a new pen tip, you will be able to draw lines exactly how you want.

Pens that are slightly used will draw finer lines than brand-new pens. Use scrap paper to break in a new pen.

• pen tip sharpness - A pen whose tip is sharp will produce lines that end in a fine point. Round pens are said to be the best for drawing the sharpest lines.

• When the pen becomes easy to draw with, it can also mean that the pen tip 16 has been crushed and cannot be used properly.

thin lines - round pen

Topic 8 Pens and Their Respective Effect Lines

Round pens and school pens are best for uniform or thin lines. Spoon pens are good for sharp lines, and g-pens are best for strong lines.

thin lines - round pen

Thinnest Pen Tip Ever
thin lines - school pen
Manga Lines
sharp lines - spoon pen
Manga Lines
strong lines - G-pen
Tachikawa PenFelt Tip Manga Drawings

Topic 9 Reasons to Use Ink Pens

While it doesn't matter what you use to draw manga, keep in mind that drawings done with ballpoint pens and pencils do not show up well when printed. Since ballpoint pens in particular yield thin, monotonic lines and tend to leave rub marks, they are hardly ever used.

Inking With Kabura Pen

pencil ballpoint pen running ink

School Pens Manga

emphasis (extremely

Ink pen felt-tip pen emphasis (extremely

Ink pen felt-tip pen

Felt-tip pens are used for emphasizing outlines and coloring in with black. Since they sometimes run and cannot be used for drawing sharp, fine lines, their use should be reserved for bringing out special qualities in drawings.

running ink

Fine Lines Drawing

Topic 10 Using a Fine-Tip Pen

Fine-tip pens are useful for drawing uniform lines that are monotonous and inorganic. These pens can bring out a peculiar mood.

In general, fine-tip pane are ueed when drawing curved linee and ellipses, as in this illustration. See how the sleek anqles of the car are emphasized?

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