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Finalizing the shape of the head makes it easy to give shape to the hair.

When drawing human heads, the outline of the hair can be shaped along the outline of the head.

How Draw Manga Illustrating Outline

When the arrows are short, the result is childlike hair.

When the arrows are long, the result is hair with volume.


Topic 33

Drawing Bodies Viewed from Above

It is difficult to draw characters viewed from above. Create pictures while looking at reference photographs.

Draw Manga Hair

• Scenes viewed from above are known as a bird's-eye view - 'fukan' in Japanese. Scenes viewed from below are known as low-angle - 'aori' in Japanese.

How Draw Manga Bird Eye View

The sharper the angle, the more the image appears to contract.

• Scenes viewed from above are known as a bird's-eye view - 'fukan' in Japanese. Scenes viewed from below are known as low-angle - 'aori' in Japanese.

Manga Human Figures

The same goes for human figures; they seem to contract as the angle of view becomes sharper.

The visible areas of the upper and lower body change. View the change and be aware of it. In addition, just like cylindrical objects, the lines of pant hems and shirt collars curve more and more when viewed from above.

In this case, the length of the upper body is twice the size of the lower body.

How Draw Body Child MangaHow Draw Manga From Above Angle

The Trick to Drawing High-Angle Characters

How Draw Manga Body
Draw the head and upper body larger. The lower body gets steadily smaller and is shorter than the upper body.

Showing the feet completely gives the drawing a high-angle feeling.

Drawing Model High AngleHow Draw Manga From Above Angle Drawing Manga Characters High Angle

Drawing the character in an inverted triangle makes it easier to bring out the high angle.

When drawing things such as the hem and belt, which look like horizontal lines when viewed from straight ahead, use curved lines in the shape of a U.

How about using a calligraphy pen?

Absolutely. Having the will and desire to experiment with different pens and inks is never a minus. Many professional manga artists routinely use calligraphy pens to illustrate such things as flowing hair. Keep in mind, however, that calligraphy ink does not always mix well with white-out, which could cause the ink to run and turn blue. This sort of mixture is very difficult to erase. It's best to test the calligraphy ink on a piece of scrap paper first. Waterproof calligraphy ink works best.

Is it OK to use an HP mechanical pencil for manga?

Most artists use anywhere from HB to 2B lead. If the lead is too hard, though, it will carve into the paper, making it impossible to erase. Many people habitually use HB lead for outlining. When using B to 2B leads, it is easy to get carried away and you may end up with lines that are too strong or dark to erase. Try a variety of leads to find the one best for you.

How do I go about collecting reference materials?

1. Take photos of your home, neighborhood, and school or workplace.

2. Travel agency pamphlets and tour books are excellent resources for artists who want to draw manga set in far-flung locales.

3. Encyclopedias and children's books contain a wealth of information and illustrations that are useful to manga artists.

4. Fashion magazines and catalogues are a must if you want to create characters that look cool and stylish.

5. Don't overlook the newspapers, magazines and even the piles of junk mail that are delivered to your house every day. These can be wonderful reference materials.

6. Routinely visit your local bookstores. You never know what you may find hidden away on some corner shelf!

Why does the ink always seem to run? M J

Sweat and oil from the hands are the leading culprits. While it may take some time, get in the habit of placing a piece of scrap paper or a paper towel under your hands to protect the manga page when outlining or inking. Scrap paper can, however, slip and rub the manga page, thus smearing the illustration. Fix the scrap paper into place with masking tape. Also, always wash your hands before sitting down to work, and wash them often during tha course of the job too.

What can I do to keep white-out from drying up?

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