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Finished work.

How Draw SexHow Draw MangaManga Character Introduction

important and difficult parts of a manga. Found on page one, they are:

1. character introduction (personality)

2. story setting

3. character relationships

4. clearly defined direction or theme of the story

This must also be drawn so that the reader will want to know more.

The drawings are really bad huh? ^

They are fine as Iong as the content can be understood.

The basic concept and plot in the second draft are the same as the ones in the first draft, right?

Some people like to carefully draw the sketches in the rough draft. Sometimes they are drawn with such care that they can be enlarged and used as outlines for the final manga.

Manga Neemu
A 'neemu' is the proposal draft or blueprint for a manga.

This is the first-stage neemu for the introductory section of a manga.

The introduction sections contain the most third draft

The content of the third and fourth drafts remains much the same as it was in the first :raft. However, the trial-and-error process continues, with the artist changing the characters' sex, their manner of speech, and meir relationships to one another.

Manga Characters Sex

fourth draft

Draft Sketched Manga

fourth draft

In the second draft, the girl is too pushy and calculating, and the girl in the third draft is too selfish and not cute enough. As a result, there are times when the character and the character relationships are settled by letting things ride through the middle.

Drawing Peolpe Raft

There are a lot of people who want to draw manga but don't know how to create a rough draft or write a story. So how does one go about creating a rough draft? Professional manga artists face the same challenge.

Girl Face Silhouette Through Window
The initial images steadily change as you draw but...
Girl Face Silhouette Through Window
...the point is to flow with that energy and keep drawing!

I like to take the story in my head >and..

Joshua Nava

Author's Rough Draft

Then, outside the window, the bright red setting sun in the dusk of the evening appeared and the clouds hugged the sun's solemn light. The silhouette of the main character appears against the red-painted sky. He said, "In the end, cling to what you create." The golden light from a small box in his left hand caught his eye as he looked and put his finger on the switch.Then he...

Case 2

Illustrate the setting and then add dialogue, as if you were shooting a movie.

How Draw Dialogue

While putting your ideas and images into words, a lot of times the story starts to write itself.

Manga Switch BodiesHow Draw Head Tilts

As if watching animation or a television drama:


dialogue setting

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