Create white by not attaching any tone.

• Express the metallic curved surface by drawing in scenery that is reflected.

• Attach the gradation from the middle and on down.

Cutting the tone a bit from the outline brings out the three-dimensional roundness of the metal.

Belt Gradation - short continuous strips of gradation one to three centimeters in width are often used for eye pupils, metals and window glass. Moare - from the French word 'moiré.' A standard manga pattern that is made from laying two tones. If tones of different numbers are used, the 'moare' pattern caused from the density of the dots will appear.

Easy Does It!

1. Pay particular attention when applying tones to areas such as the front fender (a).

2. Use tones sparingly when creating a reflective effect such as on the chrome fork (b).

3. Never apply tones to colorless areas struck by light, such as the upper half of the disc brake

How should i applied on just me, but open.

Maybe it's seem to split

It is common for tones to split or crack when applying ink or white-out. For the best results, try these methods:

1. After applying the tone "prime" it by rubbing the surface with a standard eraser (not a tone eraser). Avoid applying too much pressure.

2. Sprinkle lead powder (available at stationery stores) over the tone and rub it in well.

3. Use baby powdemstead Wlead power.

When peeling off the tone, the paper peeled away too. What did I do wrong? * | \

The fastest and most reliable way to dry a tone is by using a hair dryer. If the tone is over-dried, though, parts that you intended to remove will be stuck to the page. Southbecks, a brand of solvent sold in art stores, can be applied to the back of the page using absorbent cotton. The solvent will seep through the page and loosen the tone on the front. You can also apply the solvent directly to the tone using a synthetic brush. Although the solvent loosens the tonejhe glue from the tone will remain on the page and must be cleared away using an eraser or rubber-cleaning product.

Stuck Glue Manga

How do you line?

in a straight

Use a ruler and an ordi beginning, the cutter Keep practicing until worried about cutti has metal edges. T, more durable than edges.

cutter. In the ck the ruler a bit. used to it. If you are ruler, buy one that it more but are lastic or wooden

I can't seem tq^get the right balance of tones to represent shadows on human skin. They are usually either too heavy or thin, and the outlines show through. What should I do?

Use a blue pencil to m tones. As long as you pencil marks will no Yellow pencil can al show up when pri harder to see, so jhe general area for the ¡he lines lightly, blue when printed, as it too will not ;r, yellow lines are artisfi^Srefer to use blue.

What should that peel off?


There are three methodsjo remedy this problem:

1. Place a piece of sccap paper over small tones and apply pressurdplli

2. Attach mending taplma torn or peeling tone.

3. Attach more tond thlfmineeded and then etch away the excesswie. ThRill increase the adhesion of the tone to the page.

When a large section of tone is removed, the aleallnderneath is sticky and ends up getting really dirty. What shoultf be done?

When tones are removed, the glue remains on the page, attracting pencil lead powder and dust. These minute particles cannot be cleared with an eraser. ¥

Therefore, get into the habit of going over the area with an eraser as soon as you have removed the tone. (Make sure the head of the eraser is clean, though, or the page will be ruined!) Rubber-cleaning products are an even more efficient way of removing the glue.

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