Magnetic Therapy For Idiots

Magnetic Therapy For Idiots

Magnetic Therapy For Idiots will show you how to: Absence of Pain By far, the most important motive for the use of magnetic therapy is the presence of pain. The impact of clinical studies along with anecdotal evidence has resulted in the acceptance of magnetic therapy as a natural pain relief alternative to allopathic drug treatments. Correction of Improper Circulation Using Plethysmography, a method for measuring blood flow in the fingers, experts have shown increased blood flow by as much as 300% when the finger is subjected to a magnetic field for five minutes or more. This increased capillary circulation speeds up the fluid exchange: bringing fresher, oxygenated blood to the area, flushing away lactic acid and other pain causing chemistry at a faster rate. Optimum Energy & Stamina With the correlation between magnetic deficiency and many so called modern diseases, such as fatigue and general lethargy. As cells perform their daily function, they become de-polarized. If sufficient magnetic energy is unavailable to re-energize the cells, the body becomes tired and run down. The application of a supplementary magnetic field ensures that vital magnetic energy is available to polarize the cells resulting in increased energy and a sense of well-being. For decades, magnets have been used on racehorses to improve performance and accelerate recovery from injury. Athletes in Russia and many countries around the world are using magnets to increase body strength and improve performance. Balance & Harmony -Magnet Therapy assists the body to re-gain its self-healing electromagnetic balance naturally Ken Wianco MD. Frcs(C), Facs. A continual, adequate supply of natural magnetic energy can assist your body in achieving the balance it is striving for. Science indicates that humans may be able to support their bio-magnetic balancing act with the help of magnets as magnetic compasses that balance our central nervous system and support the healing process. More here...

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Learn To Heal Through Magnetic Therapy

Learn To Heal Through Magnetic Therapy

Learn About The Healing Power Of Magnetic Therapy. Physical impairment, like spinal cord injury SCI, multiple sclerosis MS, and post polio syndrome, frequently aggravates a lot of ailments that are amenable to magnetic therapy, a progressively popular alternative medicine mode.

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