To Create Three Dimensional Spaces

The rendering of a three dimensional landscape, portrait or still life on a two dimensional surface is to some people a trick, and we know tricks are mostly magic! As with magic some people are content to just observe and wonder at the skill of the magician, others want to know how the trick is done, while a few want to do it themselves.

If we lived in a yellow two dimensional world and a blue ball passed through we would experience something like this:

Fortunately we don't, instead ...

Let us imagine we live in a giant room where the floor is the ground and the sky is the ceiling. I have drawn the room with two rectangles and four lines.

Let us extend a few lines and add some detail. You will note that if you extend the lines forming the top and bottom of the open door they will meet on the same level as the other convergent lines.

Given the basic structure you could practice adding things yourself.

This example is called 'two point perspective'. Complete the 40min. lesson called 'room interior two point perspective' in the 'drawing' section and keep this page as an introductory theory sheet. Now let's now go outside ...

GO TO ... perspective - let's go outside

GO TO ... perspective - let's go outside

... indicate a light source and plot a shadow (it gets complicated very quickly doesn't it? To plot the shadow drop a vertical line from the light source. From where it hits the ground radiate lines from that point to intersect lines from the light itself.) Note the method of drawing ellipses on the surfaces of the cube. When you feel comfortable try drawing and plotting the shadow of an archway using two point perspective. Please refer to 'drawing' section lesson 8 called 'shadows' for the practical lesson that accompanies this explanation or theory lesson. Let's stay outdoors...

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