It is not major problem however

Let us separate the hair and apply a screen tint of a warm dark. Say value 2 at 50% for the more mechanically minded. With paint I would simply use a alizarin - raw umber glaze. Note how the texture is not lost. Saves work later. Next is the favourite part - soften the edges and lose some of the texture.

Explanation: the human mind does not like to be overloaded with too much detail, particularly in painting. It revels in its ability to complete the picture without help, and it must be allowed the (hazy bits) to do this. The degree you allow this says something about your estimation of your proposed audience. My rule is to always assume they are smarter than you, in other words leave plenty of for the imagination.

STUDENT ACTIVITY: Find two examples of paintings where detail is overdone and two more where it is insufficient - in your opinion! Allow 40min.

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