Technical Analysis: texture- hard edge and thin turning line color - yellow, top end values close together reflective index - can be extreme if polished - but will totally absorb purple in highlights.shape - all composition - the most malleable of metals. One ounce can be spread over 10 sq.meters without molecular separation.Can be made into thread and interwoven with cloth. Conceptual analysis: ideal - shinny, dull, satin, expensive, wealth, jewellery, worked and infinitely fashioned, highlights, edging, consider purity of color emerging from dirt..

Presentation technique: best background - dark best lighting - side color - green to orange with highlights pure yellow and white.

Gold has many interesting and varied colors and here are some and this is without the colors.reflected when the surface is highly polished. In the example above (light gold) I altered the reflected highlight somewhat to emphasise the dull glowing characteristics.

STEPS l.Take a slice from the room including the light source and some good gradations of light and dark

2.Expand this band to form a rectangle of whatever shape you desire.

3.Substitute the bands for combinations of any of the colors shown above but trying to keep the greens and browns away from the final highlights. Remember gold will usually absorb all purple hues and reflect everything else. A flesh hue somewhere usually indicated an observer.

4.Shade the edges to form a cylinder, cone or sphere if needed and blur or scrumble all edges. 5.Sharpen the outside edges in strategic places against the background.

STUDENT ACTIVITY:For this page and the next - find your own cylindrical object (cup) and paint it as chrome, gold, silver and copper. Allow 80min.

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