Before you start painting you must decide on your object in learning to paint. There are many styles and methods of applying paint to a surface but there are three main reasons for doing so. After you have looked at these reasons and the examples I have provided you should be able to follow your purpose and utilize the tools of drawing, color, texture and design to your best advantage. The categories are not definitive as many paintings encompass more than a single element - nor is any objective better or worse than any other. None should ever gain from a painting any dividend in excess of what the artist invests - and if he or she does it is a fool's profit. Sadly so many twentieth century artists hold their public in the same regard a con man would a victim. Even Picasso and Dali made some unfortunate comments in this regard. If we train our senses sufficiently they can evolve to the extent they are able to discern great subtlety. Just as a wine taster or gourmet train theirs so can a visual artist and it is truly a joy.' ...

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Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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