Craft stone a Daniel Smith sable and an old worn out D Smith as a blender

I start on the white drapery, but soon switch to the center of interest, the female back. I put some paint on the turban and pretty soon I'm warmed up. I stop thinking, and begin to paint by instinct.

I use a limited palette of colors. I work carefully and patiently and am proud of it, since by nature I'm neither careful or patient. To show rebellion against my mid-20th century art training, I use the old sable as a blender.

Remember kiddies, using a blender is bad!

Sable Body Paint

I'm increasingly turning to traditional Flake White for my paintings. It handles wonderfully, has interesting body and dries quickly.

Because of the small scale of this painting, I mixed Permalba (a titanium/zinc white mix) with my Flake White for added opacity. I also mixed in a little walnut oil to make the white buttery.

I completed the painting this session. Obviously I did more work on drapery, but the most sensitive careful work was once again done on the back where I softened form and modified shadows. I did not use a blender at all today. All brushwork was either with a filbert hogs bristie brush or a pointed sable round.

I mixed up a background color that differed only slightly from the color in the background in Stage Two, added enough oil to it to make it lie down and behave a little like enamel, and painted the entire background again with a fairly large filbert bristle brush. A pretty good brush rule of thumb is to find the largest brush for the job, and then put it aside and actually use an even larger brush.

Finally, I took a deep breath, signed my name, and slapped on a frame.

I took the photos of this painting-in-progress with my digital camera in daylight. Due to natural light fluctuations, each photo differs slightly. Also, your monitor might distort the color further. If what you see looks pretty punk, kindly cut me some slack. The color and values in the original painting look very good to our team of experts* here at William Whitaker, Inc.

"The pizza delivery man, the furnace repair man and my wife Sandra.

www, williann wi" :taksr,conn

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