And From The Ashes

First I scraped back the any paint that was proud of the surface. Next I made a thin reddish glaze (stand oil, varnish and spirit) and painted the whole area inside the arch. After this dried I made another charcoal and chalk drawing and formed it with shades of grey. All this is very thin and flat so you can still observe the right leg of the original nude faintly resting on the pillow.

The idea is to completely alter the pose. This time I took greater care with the drawing stage making sure of the proportions and the anatomy. Note the torso lies on the left to right diagonal and the right arm and left leg provide the foils as they parallel the other diagonal.

The flesh in this painting will become silver as I promised to demonstrate to someone how various painting techniques, when understood and mastered, could be transferred to a variety of surfaces. (see advanced lesson nenu on how to paint precious metals) It will also be interest to discover what effect this has on the painting's (nudes) overall feeling. Will

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