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STUDENT ACTIVITY:Write a short essay on the relationship between size and wall presence, colors and wall presence, design and wall presence. Give examples of each. Also explain how you think William Whitaker gives his paintings such great wall presence. Allow 40min.

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William Whitaker Paintings

I took this photo at the end of the first painting session. With neither face nor hands to slow nne down, I was able to bring itthis far pretty easily. Given the Ingres-like neck and back, I decided to give it the classical treatment. I took special care because I want the painting to look "finished" at every stage.

I used both sables and filbert bristles. I blended with an old worn sable.

I'm painting this on a 12x9" linen canvas stained a grey tone made of ultramarine blue and raw umber that I thinned with a mixture of 90% turpentine and 10% Graham Walnut/Alkyd painting medium I

rubbed it down with a rag to achi eve the value I wanted.

My favorite brown is Gamblin's asphaltum and I used itforthe darks. I mixed just a little walnut/ alkyd medium into the paint pile to make it a little more supple and sensitive and to help it dry faster. I used Old Holland Cremnitz white mixed with just a dab of raw sienna for my lights. I also worked a little walnut/alkyd medium into the paint.

I'll put it aside and let it dry and take it up again day after tomorrow and start in with color.

Graham Walnut Alkyd Painting Medium

Two days have passed and the painting is dry. I have no idea whereto start up, so I do what I always do. I begin with a task that could inflict the least possible damage. I use my painting knife to scrape off any lint and any bumps in the painting surface.

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