wrought iron

Plaster (or cement screed)

Appendix 4 Electrical, telecommunications and fire protection symbols

The symbols for use in these fields are covered in a number of publications, primarily:

BS 1192: 1984-1990 Construction drawing practice (Pts I and II)

BS3939: 1986-1991 Graphical symbols for electrical power, telecommunications and electrics diagrams

BS 1635: 1990 Graphical symbols and abbreviations for fire protection drawings

The symbols shown here represent a small selection of those available. They have been restricted to those which the architect is most likely to encounter when dealing with the type of small-scale work in which an electrical consultant has not been appointed.

Certain symbols are differently represented in different Standards. Furthermore, other symbols have acquired a use in practice but do not appear in any laid down Standard. In such cases the most common usage has been given.

Reference should be made to the British Standards listed above for more comprehensive lists of symbols.

Main control or intake

Distribution board

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