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Assembly sections derived from 3.17

3.19 Unnecessary elaboration wastes time and helps nobody

3.20 Simplified version of 3.19 gives adequate information to all concerned common element rather than to produce a series of plan details on one sheet and a series of section details on another. Everyone on site concerned with forming the window opening, and with fixing the window into it, will then have the relevant information readily to hand.

The schedule

(See also section on schedules in chapter 1.)

There are two distinct types of schedule.

There is the straightforward list of items, complete in itself, which adds little or nothing to information about its contents which may be obtained elsewhere in the drawings or in the specification. What it does is present this information in a more disciplined and readily retrievable form. A list of lighting fittings, collected on a room-by-room basis, is an example, providing a convenient document for the electrical contractor who has to order the fittings and a useful check list with which the architect can re-assure himself that none has been overlooked.

Schedules of manholes, of sanitary fittings, and of ironmongery are other instances of this type, as indeed is the drawing schedule.

Such schedules, carrying descriptive rather than graphical information, are better typed than drawn, and their natural home is more likely to be within the covers of the specification or bills of quantities than with the drawing set.

The other type of schedule is also component-oriented, but in addition to being a list it provides an essential link in the search pattern information by giving pointers as to where other information is to be found. Such schedules are of the type envisaged in (1.9) and commented upon in chapter 1. A useful format is shown in 3.21.

Note that what is shown is neither a door schedule nor a window schedule, but an 'openings schedule'. It is important to maintain this concept if the drawing set is 3.21 Useful format for an openings schedule

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