1:100 Plan at level 1—Primary elements 2—

The key set of location plans giving dimensioned setting out information about the building. Note that while it would have been quite possible and perfectly in accordance with CI/SfB logic to split the information carried on these (2-) plans into (21) external walls, (22)—internal walls, (23)—floors, (24—stairs, (27)—roof and (28)—frame, common sense and the straightforward nature of the project suggested that a single (2-) grouping of these elements would suffice.

1: 50 Location sections—External walls

The key location sections described earlier.

They could equally well be coded (21) since they deal specifically with the external walls, but in either case their numbering commences at 15 to preserve the integrity of the numbering system. Again, 'Drawing L (2-) 015-020' provides a unique identification for each section.

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