This series is used in this particular set as a means of locating, and uniquely identifying for scheduling purposes, internal doors, rooflights, gulleys and balustrades. While the plans group all this information under the (3-) code nevertheless the referencing of individual components will be more specific, eg plans L (3-), will locate and identify

Drawing Number L (3-) 006-009

Scale Title

1:100 Elevations 6,7,8,9—Secondary elements

Comments both (32) 2/007 (internal opening, ie door number 7 on level 2) and (34) 003 (balustrade number 3). External openings, ie windows, external doors, ventilation grilles, etc, are located and numbered on these elevations.

Note that while suspended ceiling (35) may also be included on the L (3-) series if required it may be less confusing to give them a separate (35) series of plans. Again common sense will dictate the approach.

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