5— „

scheduled components, eg (31) 2/11, identifies external (window) opening

no 11 on level 2.

no 11 on level 2.

Location plans in their basic form will not be issued for construction purposes.

L(--) 006-009 1:100 Elevations6,7,8,9—Basic Similarbasic drawings ofelevations and sections. Composite drawing

010-013 1:100 Sections 10,11,12,13—Basic numbering, eg 006-009, enables unique identification of each of several drawings on the same sheet. Eg the second elevation may be referred to simply as L (--) 007, rather than 'detail no 2 on drawing L (--) 006'

Sections are skeletal only and confined to giving a datum for each of the plan levels and giving a general picture only to the contractor.

L (--)014 1: 200 Site plan The site plan is the only L (--) drawing to contain elemental information and to be issued for construction purposes, although the

L (--) elevation and sections will be issued for the contractor's background information.

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