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1.11 Typical information drawing- this record of bore hole findings provides the contractor with useful background information but gives no instruction about the building other drawings in the package, that they convey information without giving instructions (1.11).

The complete primary structure: The complete primary structure is summarised in 1.12. It is worth noting that this complete drawing package, which has to be all things to all men, is now capable of sub-division into smaller packages, each of which is tailored to suit the needs of the individual recipient. The site foreman needs to know the position and size of the window he has to install, but has no interest in the manner in which it is made in the joiner's shop. Similarly, the local authority will not require the complete set of drawings for approval (even though the extravagant demands of certain Building Control officers in this respect may induce in frustrated practitioners a somewhat cynical smile at this statement).

With occasional exceptions, however, the drawing set may be used as shown here, with attendant advantages of order and economy. The focal position of the schedule is well demonstrated.

Secondary structuring

The good old-fashioned working drawing floor plan—ancestor of the location plan and aimed at embracing every piece of information necessary for the erection of the building—still survives in places, but its defects are now so generally recognised that it is possibly unnecessary to spend much time in

location plan location plan

assembly sections component detail


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