Simplistic Seals

In going to the zoo, I suggest storting with simple animals first. Seals and sea lions are a great place to warm up. Their simple anatomy allows you to focus on their streamline, oquatic-designed bodies. Their simplicity allows you to focus on shape with force and form. Here you are not weighed down with the complex anatomies and odd shapes that other animals may have.

Try to find the unique qualities of each animal, even within their own families. Look for their specific personalities and what they are experiencing when you are drawing them.

Seals Drawing

So, here are the seals. Their forms are so flexible and fluid.

Keith pushes story here with the seal war cry. Look at the straight to curve and the feeling of stretch up to the head.

Use your experience with the seals to assist you in drawing the more complicated animals. See the shape of an animal's trunk and head first, then its legs. After drawing the seals, let's go through the zoo from the plantigrade to the unguligrade (or in easier terms, the bears and pawed animals to hoofed animals).

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