The Bronx Zoo has a brand new exhibit called The Congo. The design of the exhibit allows you to get within inches of exotic and interesting creatures from that region of the world. Primates are the focal point of the exhibit.

Watching primates is fascinating because of their similarity to us. It is easier to relate to and understand them because of this. Look at their body language and facial expressions.

Joshuanava Life Drawing Animal

The drawings around the perimeter are the most fun for me. I enjoy seeing the shapes of their body's forces. Look at how the shape tells us about the effort being made. Their long tails help them balance up in the trees.

Exotic Tree Drawings

I believe these drawings are of the Red-Taled Monkey. They were more active than the Silver-Leaf ed. Look at how their tales are a continuation of the rhythm found in their backs.

The Congo has a special exhibit of the western lowland gorillas. It is a glass tunnel that allows you to get within inches of these animals.

Joshuanava Life Drawing Animal

This western lowland gorilla was about two feet away from me. Incredible. Look at how human the forces of her body are.

Joshuanava Life Drawing Animal

This was the highlight of the day. The woman closest to the gorilla put her palm on the glass that separates us from the animals. So the male gorilla lifted his hand and slapped it on the glass. When he did this, the glass tunnels echoed with the power and weight of his hand. Awesome.

6. Birds

Lost but not least are birds. Here again, we want to compare our anatomy to theirs. In so doing, you will better understand what it would be like to take flight and soar amongst the clouds. You would reach forward with your fingertips and sweep your arms down to your sides, bringing your elbows in and bending your wrists.

Joshuanava Life Drawing Animal

Look at the similarity between our arm and the bird's. Look at how his extended feathers would be our fingers. The rest of our feathers would drape down from our arms. The upward peak of the wing is our wrist. There is barely any difference in the legs either.

Joshuanava Life Drawing Animal

See how important the wrist is in a bird's flight. In 2. the "wrist" is the leading edge of force, driving the wing downward. In 4. the "wrist" drives the wing upward.

Drawing Young Eagle

I hove used this drawing of o young bold eagle to show you our anatomy in this pose. Imagine our skeleton in the other bird.

Birds Draw ImagineDrapery Life Drawing

I end this chopter with these two Guiro Cukoos. I like the squash and stretch we see in their bodies. Their relationship makes this visual difference possible.

Enjoy the world of animals. See our similarities and differences. They also have great stories to uncover. Through understanding animals, we can learn more about our selves. You will uncover new mannerisms and personalities that you can use for your creative work.

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