Hierarchy Drawings

The shape of a pyramid gives us an icon of hierarchy or an order of importance. I draw and think with the most important or core idea first; details come last. The pyramid is the human body and the story its posture implies. The top of this pyramid shows the number one. This portrays your first representation of the model. This will be the main idea, or force, of what the model is doing. For instance, standing straight, bending over, seated, etc. Think from large to small. You always want to go after the main idea first. The bottom of the pyramid would be fingernailsor something equally insignificant. Many films and books suffer from the lack of this theory. They contain tons of details or special effects, but no heart to the story. What is it about? Don't get caught up in the small things until you first know the main idea.

Animation is also a hierarchical process. Here the entire pyramid symbolizes the character's actions instead of one drawing's forces. The animator's drawings are represented by the pyramid's peak. He draws the key moments of a character's actions. The team of inbetweeners, the rest of the pyramid that works with him, then further develops these motions. Their drawings go in between the key drawings the animator created.

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