In drawing large numbers of people, see them as an entity. Look for the overall shape of the crowd. See what direction they move in as a whole, like a sea of force. Then break it down into the individuals. Again, this is a hierarchic approach. I have drawn thumbnails for you to see the compositions behind the concepts.

I enjoyed my location for this moment. The drawing feels as though it is about Charlie and the viewer. He is beyond all of the other children at the table and their distractions, yet is looking right at us. The arrows show how the children's gazes ultimately lead to Charlie. The thumbnail and blue directional lines show how the two triangles and the table point us towards Charlie in the center.

Putting o box oround the next few images helps me compose the picture based on the story I want to tell. Here the crowd looks on at the performers. You can see the rough circle I drew around the musicians to assist me in the awareness of the story's focus. I also drew the closest man to us as a way of separating the crowd from the musicians. He gives us depth of field, too. Lastly, I grayed out the crowd so the performers would be brighter and draw your attention to them. Notice the multiple hands on the drummers to give a sense of speed.

Following the top of the people's heads, look at the arrows they create towards the fish. Here the figures are also darkened to focus on the fish.

This composition is encapsulated. Rich—fromed between the umbrella ond his audience—tells his tale. The curvature of the audience's backs, and direction of their heads, leads us to Rich.

This moment wos captured one night at a Barnes and Noble that was holding a book signing. I drew this from the second floor. You can see the perspective by the way the people are stacked behind one another. The curve created by the people leads us up to the author and then past her to the separated individual. His attention to her brings us back. Look at the thumbnail for clarification of this idea.

See how I went after the moon shape created by the football team and how it directs us out to the field.

Texture of line is a great way to add more character and opinion to your work. Your drawing constitutes a visual medium, yet you have the power to make a viewer understand how a fabric feels or how heavy something is. You have the opportunity to experience more feelings as an artist because of this.

Chapter Six: Animals

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