Drawings Lion Heads

Here you con see that the shape of the lion was my approach. I love the size of his mane and head. With digi-grade and unguligrade mammals, I make quick straight-line references of the legs for their angles.

Lion Mane Drawing

The seated lion is also shape-based with force and form in mind. I like the subtle hard moment captured in his right shoulder. The smaller drawing has force, form, and shape.

4. Unguligrade

Black Rhino Drawing

This has to be one of my favorite animals in the zoo. The black rhino is so powerful and beautiful. I loved watching it walk. The mossive weight of it would push down into its feet as it walked, displacing the mud on the ground. Its long, heavy head seemed to hang from its shoulder girdle.

Indian Rhino Drawing

Here ore examples of an Indian Rhino that I pushed some opinions upon. Look at the slight variations and see how much fun there is in personal design.

Joshuanava Drawing

Grevy's zebros were one of the greatest challenges. This drawing was a product of many with poor results. First, I ignored the stripes to more clearly see the shape of its body. See the attention mode to the wide hip region. The stripes could be added later to help emphasize form.



Look at the attention paid to the angles of the impala's legs and shoulder blode.

Giraffe Draw

I feel that the most difficult of these animals to draw is the giraffe. Having done this with o still specimen before coming to the zoo, I had an advantage when it come to tackling this one. On the left is o more graphic representation. The drawing on the right has more fluidity and character.

Pencil Sketches The Moose

This image was drawn at The Museum of Natural History. Before going to the zoo, I will often take students to the museum so they get an understanding of anatomy and shape.

Lioness Head Pencil Drawings

This was also drawn at the museum as part of a lecture. The top left is the drawing and everything around it is an explanation of the thoughts within it. You can see simplifications of force and shape. Notice in the silhouette, the breakdown of straight to curve in this moose.

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