The texture of line revealed

Drawing fabric is a great way to experience line's ability to express texture. Most fabric feels different from skin and bone. This gives us a great controst to experience.

Fabric has no form; it is like paper, thin and flat, without energy. When something is done to it, it takes on different properties. Say we crumpled it. Then it would sit as a wrinkled mass with no function except that of the material itself, weighed down the force of gravity. There is much information that can be collected from it at this stage. The softness or hardness, thickness or thinness, can be recognized by the formation of the wrinkles. As soon as we hang the cloth on something, the weight of the material comes more clearly into play. Look for this information in the following drawings.

Disney Drawing Fabric

Mary Ellen's drawing is full of texture. See the hard, curious foot and the straight line of pressure of the buttocks on the stool in comparison to the curly, flowing material hanging from it.

Life Drawing Textures

Here we con tell that the material is thinner and yet somehow harder than the last. It folds in angles and straighter lines. You con see this oround the neck where we olso see how clothes can begin to describe form. I like the texture of the strings hanging from the material.

Dibujos Mam Hijo

The hardness of the ribcoge, left shoulder, and elbows against the soft, flowing material wrapped around the model's waist gives us a greot variety of sensations. See how the type of line, the woy it curves, and the pressure I used to drow it tell us about its weight and feel. The fabric is heavier and thicker than the previous.

Life Drawing Textures

The model's long, wispy ponytoil stonds out against the solidity of her face and figure. The fabric is slicker and harder than the others. The wrinkles are pointy and change direction aggressively. Look at how the robe wraps around her arms and then hangs from the right wrist. I like the small, hard, straight line that represents the bottom end of the cuff.

Life Drawing Textures

In this lost drawing focusing on texture, feel the crumpled quality of her dress against the tight top ond the leather of her boots.

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