Comparative anatomy

Drawing animals on location can be more challenging than drawing people on location. The first reason is that it is harder to relate to them. They move faster and obviously in a different manner than us. How different? Not os dif ferent as you may think.

The way I wos taught to understand animals was to compare them to us, bring them into our world. The first step in accomplishing this is in comparing our anatomies. Once you can relate an animars anatomy to your own, you will understand their body language and in turn, their actions.

Ken Hultgrens book "The Art of Animal Drawing" is a great book on this subject. He touches upon force and covers a variety of animals. His drawings of horses are magnificent.

Here are some head drawings of Adrianne that I adore. Look at the expression in the bottom drawing and the dif ferent textures, which are what I was mainly after. So, man's best friend will be the first animal we compare to.

List One Hoofed AnimalsList One Hoofed AnimalsMan Walking All Fours

Let's look ot o comparison between man and dog. This comparison works for oil animals with paws but not hoofed. Here is o list of important ideas to see:

1. Look at how similar a dog's anatomy is to o man's on all fours. Look at the shoulders and elbows in both.

2. Notice the wrist. A dog connot bend his paw upward like we con. This helps lock the leg when he is standing on it. His paw rests on the pad of our hand.

3. In the back leg, the dog walks on what would be the boll of our foot. The hip and knee relationship is similar.

For the most part, mammals fit in three major categories: plantigrade, digigrade, and unguligrade. It is not so important that you remember these terms, but remember the skeletal differences between the three so your comparison to us is correct.

Joshuanava Life Drawing AnimalJoshuanava Life Drawing Animal


Joshuanava Life Drawing Animal


Joshuanava Life Drawing Animal

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