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Andre Grobler Renowned Artist Shares 43 Years Of Professional Painting Experience In 15 Brilliant Step By Step Oil Painting Lessons. Learn How To Paint Like A Master. Learn how to paint landscapes, trees, seascapes, people, still life, portraits and so much more by following me step by step with commentary as I complete the following 13 online paint lessons. This audio visual method of teaching has proven to be the most successful way to learn. Replay the lessons until well understood, and most importantly Oil painting involves a process that must be understood in order to master this age old technique. The process itself is not complicated but requires practice and good understanding of the fundamentals. In order to master the art of oil painting one needs to learn the real secrets of oil painting techniques, the rules of transparent colours and most importantly how paint with tone and intensity. Learning how to paint in oils provides us with a unique opportunity in which we may express our feelings.

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Contents: Ebooks, Videos
Author: Andre Grobler
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Highly Recommended

This ebook comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

All the modules inside this ebook are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

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Real Art Lessons

Step By Step Explanation Of 400 Yr Old Painting Technique That Makes Painting Easy! Here's what you'll Discover within A Real Art Lesson You will learn all the technique needed to do any painting you would like. These same techniques can be used for the portrait and the landscape! I explain the differences. With over 140 pages of information and 225 photos you get a complete how-to manual. As much information as a weekend seminar. How you place your objects, lighting and composition. Know right away that you have a great painting started. How to prepare the canvas step by step. No more frustrating issues with your materials. How we transfer the drawing to the canvas. You don't have to know how to draw yet. You will see up-close, the umber under-layer, and how it is done. No more guess work in how to start your painting. The finished umber under-layer and all the steps to get you there! You'll impress and amaze your friends & family even at this stage of the painting. You will learn how to mix your paints. Read more here...

Real Art Lessons Summary

Contents: Ebook, Videos, Lessons
Author: Delmus Phelp
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Price: $19.97

Adding Interest to a Flat Landscape

Landscape Pencil Drawing

Salt marshes and meadowlands make interesting subjects for drawings and paintings. The flatness of the land and the water snaking through the grass make it easy to guide the viewer's eye into the drawing. Although long pictures can be interesting, the artist feels there is often too much area of no interest. To avoid that problem in this scene, he moved the house on the right into the picture, eliminating most of the large tree bank. To make the water the center of interest, he shortened the...