Part Penandink Drawings

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Dry Brush Drawings

Start with the same scene or picture you used for Studio Study 5. This time complete it in a different pen-and-ink technique. Compare the two finished drawings. Analyze them to determine which is more effective and why it is. It would take you a long time just to explore all the potential uses of pen and ink. But even more effects can be obtained by combining pen and ink with brush and ink, or using brush and ink alone. When these are combined, the artist generally uses the pen to create...

Pen Ink Tecniques

Pen And Ink Rendering Techniques

How can you let the viewer know what color the subject of your drawing is, when you're drawing only with black ink Why does an artist sometimes use brown ink or another color for pen-and-ink drawings What's stippling and what do you need plenty of when you start doing it In these pages, you will find the answers to these and many more questions about pen-and-ink drawing techniques. Ink drawings are a fascinating form of art. Because of the limitations of the medium and the special ways in which...

Yht Studies

Value Study Manican Drawing

Set up a grouping of fruit or vegetables or flowers with a bowl or vase and any other objects whose form enhances your composition. Bear in mind all that you've learned about creating a good composition in planning your arrangement. Remember to make a series of rough pencil sketches of different arrangements to help you select the best. Make a pencil layout of the arrangement you've chosen, using accurate construction methods. Then render your composition in pen and ink. Be sure to omit all...

Tricks For Good Contrast Ink Drawing

Brittle Star Drawing

The series of pen strokes shown in Figure 5 is designed to help you develop technique for drawing rounded objects with pen and ink. First, practice making the series of strokes as they are shown in the illustration. Next, try making a drawing of a simple sphere and a cylinder. First, outline the objects lightly on the paper with pencil. Then apply pen strokes as shown in Figure 5. The first sphere has an irregular shadow to contour one side, while the second is contoured by the indicated...