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For illustration the situation was somewhat different. For illustrators, to work in an independent freelance capacity simply meant that the purchase of digital hardware would be out of reach for sometime. The price of software was prohibitively expensive and so costs needed to fall dramatically before the tide would turn, As well as a reduction in hardware and software costs, it would also take the expertise of those designers and art directors commissioning illustration to have a knowledge of working practice in digital reproduction and print processes before the barriers would eventually fall down. It was the turn of the century before digital processes finally made their mark on the practice of illustration.

Elioth Thoburn Hoxton Apocalypsse

1. Digital drawing 'Une, Deux, Trois' for Teachers Magazine Matt Pattinson, 2005

2. Pencil compositional sketch 'Mon Key' for personal project Matt Pattinson, 2005

3. Digital drawing

"Mon Key' for personal project Matt Pattinson, 2005

Even the simplest of images that can be created in moments on a computer can take hours of concentrated work to produce using analogue techniques.

4, Digital drawing 'Hoxton Apocalypse' for 333 Elliot Thoburn, 2004

Digital techniques allow constant repositioning of elements within an illustration as well as constant recolouring and retouching. The final artwork can always be altered - and so not nearly as final as the terminology suggests.

Crucially, it would be straightforward economics that would hold illustration back by almost ten years from partaking in the digital design revolution.

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