Using Photography

1. Constructed photographic montage 'Clowns - Bus Stop' for FAD Chrissie Macdonald, 2003

2. Constructed photographic montage 'Clowns DIY' for FAD

Chrissie Macdonald, 2003

Photography has long been a perfect medium for the illustrator. Used by many as a reference tool, capturing images that are recreated back in the studio or used directly in the image-making process.

3. Photographic and hand-rendered montage

Rock Make Up' for Nylon Magazine Joel Lardner, 2004

4. Photographic and hand-rendered montage 'Sad Ladytron' for Legal Affairs Magazine

Joel Lardner, 2005

Combining digital photography with hand-drawn and hand-rendered elements can produce startling results - mixing both techniques can be done by using the computer In a manner impossible to a previous generation of illustrators.

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