Stage One Visuals

For illustrators working on editorial jobs, the first stage of creating visuals must come quickly. Start to visualise ideas through sketching, mapping, doodling and drawing. Record initial thoughts and ideas and make notes or lists as a useful starting point. Carrying a small notebook and pen or pencil will help as not all ideas and concepts come to those at their desks, they may start to formulate on the bus. in the supermarket or at the cinema.

Responding to the brief can take time, but this is in short supply in editorial commissions so most illustrators have mechanisms to aid the process. It may be as simple as turning a mobile phone off, putting the kettle on and making tea or listening to classical music. It is important to ensure there is 'thinking time' in which to come up with ideas and start to visualise them.

a visual to an art director gives them something solid to show the editor, normally the one with the final say in what is to be published.

A great idea only works if it communicates well and the visuals stage is the first real test of a concept and its validity. A good art director will view the visual through the eyes of the publication's readership to ensure that the image and concept will work. Building time into a project to allow for a rejection at the concept/visual stage is paramount; not all projects go according to the wishes of the illustrator.

Create more than one idea at the first stage; opt to show just your favourite solution first, holding the others in reserve or put forward all ol your ideas and allow Ihe art director to decide on the one that best communicates, Never create just one concept, you run the risk of the project falling apart if you have no alternatives to offer and work into final artwork before the deadline draws close.

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Freehand Sketching An Introduction

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