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The creation of marketing and promotional materials gives rlic illustrator rlie freedom to produce works that suggest at the content of their portfolio. Without necessarily having to communicate complex messages or content, the format can be chosen for personal preference or dictated by available budget. Some illustrators crcatc a combination of printed materials and mail them together in a pack.

each database will have a best-before date of six months: most suppliers update their records every three months. A glance at the classified ads in the back pages of most prominent design and advertising magazines will detail any companies supplying contact information. Cold-calling - making telephone calls to potential clients on the off-chance that they may have work or want to view a portfolio - is rarely successful. There was a time when magazine art directors and design company creative directors would put aside an afternoon each week to view portfolios and meet with freelance illustrators and photographers. Unfortunately, this magical slot appears to have disappeared in recent years, partly due to increased workloads, but also because other forms of self-promotion have become popular. Clients, after the initial contact has been made, are happy to converse on the phone, via email and tg view images on screen from attachments or websites, so for many the face-to-face meeting has become a thing of the past.


Promotional material arriving on the right desk of the right person is just one aspect of the self-promotion process. Ensuring that the most appropriate companies and organisations are targeted in the first place takes research and investigation. Understanding where, within the industry, your work will best fit is also important. There is tittle point in costly marketing to design companies specialising in corporate annual reports if you are a Children's book illustrator, for example.


Regular, straightforward research into potential clients can be done on a weekly or monthly basis without a huge inconvenience or expense. Keeping abreast of industry news and changes cari be enjoyable, as well as productive. Visit a good library to read the wide range of monthly design and advertising press for information about specific commissions, as well as current projects being undertaken. This is the perfect way of gaining a broad knowledge of current industry trends. It is also possible to compile lists of art directors and designers working in magazines and newspapers from the information reproduced in publications.

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