Marketing the Product and the Art of Self Promotion

It is quite possible that some of the very best illustration currently being created is never seeing the light of day. It will never leave the screen or the portfolio of the person creating it, as they are unable or unwilling to engage in promoting Iheir work. Being able to market, promote and generally inform the illustration commissioners of your work is as vital to working in the field as the ability to create an image in the first place. Without a marketing Campaign, even a very simple one, an illustrator can fall at the first hurdle.

As covered in the previous chapter, there are many different aspects and areas to the world of design, advertising and communication. Each offers opportunities (or illustrators to win commissions and create work: the secret is in understanding how to make that first point of contact and then in maintaining the interest in your work throughout your career.

When mid-sized and large corporate companies want to extend their market share and increase sales they promote themselves. They wilt hire a PR company or an advertising agency, use broadcast media, create print and publishing campaigns and experiment with outdoor and indoor media. For the lone illustrator, (he budget for promotion may be dramatically smaller, but the intentions are very similar.

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