An often overlooked aspect of the day-to-day running and long-term organisation of a career in illustration is in the legalities and liabilities surrounding tax issues. Despite illustration rarely falling into a list of careers that have difficulties in I n VOI Ce keeping the right side of the law, it is wise to know and fully understand all potential implications associated with the legalities. number:

If you plan to work in illustration, then it date:

is vital to ensure that your local tax office knows that you are trading for business. Client:

There is an unwritten rule that states that creative people have problems with numbers, figures and maths - get yourself organised early and ensure that you set your business up correctly from the start.

Firstly find your local tax oflice and turn to them for advice about exactly how you should set up your business - make sure that all events are taken into account. Normally you'll not be expected to pay any lax until your annual turnover reaches a certain level - this can be hit quite soon if you get busy, so be prepared.

Enlist the services ol an accountant - take advice and recommendations from other illustrators. Use someone who has some understanding of the profession and the possible implications lor your tax issues. A good accountant will recommend particular courses of action, explaining pitfalls before they arise and pointing out methods of eliminating unnecessary tax burdens. They may command a hefty fee for their services, but that expense should be paid for out of the savings they make you. TOTAL DUE:


order number:

job number: description:



Your Name Here Your Postal Address Should Go Into This Space Postcode

Your Telephone Number Your Contact Email Your Website Address



Company Name of Client Client's Address Should go Here Including

Post/Zip Code in Full

Your point of contact within the company: the person and their title that commissioned you

Some companies will give you an Order Number that you must quote on your invoice

Some companies will also give you a Job Number too Describe in full whal the commission was State agreed fee here State agreed expenses here

State final amount owing terms:

State payment terms and to whom cheque should be paid to copyright:

State copyright ownership

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