Illustration Agency Representation

If the whole idea of maintaining a strong marketing and publicity campaign, keeping mailing lists up-to-date, coordinating the delivery as well as the upkeep of your portfolios seems unmanagable then it may be wise to consider approaching an illustration agency for representation.

Agencies are a useful link to the professional world for those illustrators that are either too busy to spend time undertaking the business side of the discipline, find that they are just not very good at it or do not enjoy meeting new clients on a regular basis. Having an external face' is an exceptionally useful tool (or many so that for this, and other contributing factors, artists are prepared to shed a percentage of their fee for the service.

The Positive Aspects

Debate about the relative pros and cons of agency representation continue to surface, but for those happily housed within an agency portlolio, most of the issues are positive. Being able to hand over the financial negotiations of a project lo someone often far more adept and practiced can be a real relief for some. Having an agent involved in quoting a fee for a potential or real project can increase the final fee; many illustrators have issues understanding the marketplace and exactly what their work is worth. It is not uncommon (or an agency to command and receive fees over and above the illustrator's own perception of what the lee should be. This can mean that agency representation can pay for itself; an agent who can charge 25% higher fees than a solo artist is, indirectly, creating their own percentage from a project.

Good agents relate to their client base, they know their market and fully understand the business of illustration. The best agents have spent time building relationships with art directors, art buyers and designers and are on friendly terms

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