Author's Acknowledgements

The Fundamentals of Illustration exists because of a unique collaboration between myself as author, and Crush, as co-researchers and design team. As author, the experience of many years of studying, practicing, representing and teaching the discipline of illustration has proven invaluable.

Special Thanks i would like to thank the following people for their support, patience and understanding:

Lesley, Louie, Jake and Felix Zeegen. Carl Rush and Chris Pelting at Crush. Kate Shanahan, Brian Morris. Natalia Price-Cabrera at AVA Publishing. Sarah Elliott and the academic staff team in the Graphic Design and Illustration Department at the University of Brighton. Dorothée Fritze.


I would also like to thank;

Some of the illustrators that taught me. whilst a student. All of the illustrators I have shared illustration studios with. Some of the illustration agents, that have represented my work. All of the illustrators I have taught alongside. Son of the illustrators I taught as students.

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