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The Cartoon Express, launched in 2007, is the brainchild of illustrator/designer Andre Adams. After years of illustrating watching his collection of spot art mount, Andre decided to consolidate them all and create a libaray of his work, available to anyone in need of quality cartoon art at ridiculously reasonable prices. The Cartoon Express images have been created, and are licensed to you, for use in newspapers, brochures, catalogs, ads, editorial, websites, and other such communication material. Read more...

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Contents: Over 300 Illustrations
Creator: Andre Adams
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Price: $50.00

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Looking Sideways

Looking Sideways

Depicting the sidelong glance presents few technical problems for the artist. These illustrations demonstrate, though, that more changes in the eye than simply the iris moving to the side. The shape of the eye itself alters depending on the iris position. The rule is that the high point of the arch of the upper lid is always above the iris it's lifted by the cornea . The lower lid, however, changes very little as the iris shifts. The net effect of the modifications is that the eye alters in...

And Performance

303 caL twin machine guns in all powered-turrets j -trim tab fabric covered elevators mass balance all metal stabilizer de-icing strips flame damper computing sight Green-haze and sandy-brown camouflage on top surface only. Dull-black on side and lower surfaces flame damping exhaust muff carburetor air intake glycol cooler hinged leading edge cabin air intake Rolls-Royce Merlin XX -1.260 h.p. engines -flap panel fairing panel molding strap navigation light observation blister direction finder...

Case Illustrations

Art Therapy Htp

As with all case illustrations within this book, the information concerning clinical matters is factual. However, the client's personal information has been replaced to retain confidentality. This case involves a male in midadulthood. When he was a preteen his father died from cancer. He lived with his mother until the age of majority, when he married. Within a few years he divorced and was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. From this period forward he began to experience hallucinations and...

Forms And Structures

Curves Drawing

The hand is not a flat, two-dimensional shape without volume. It is a dynamic, three dimensional body form, energetic and complex, each of its forms and structures interrelated. In this chapter we will look at it from various angles in space and depth, noting its curves and rhythms and examining the bulk, sizes, shapes, and masses of its individual parts and their relation to the whole. The main masses of the upper and lower ami are good example of the principle of contraposition one form being...

Point Perspective

Car Perspective Drawing Lessons

VANISHING POINTS CONVERGENCE LINES HORIZON LINE When I begin a sketching program I almost always start by drawing only in side views. The point of early sketch work is for the designer to 'find' many ideas in a short space of time. By sketching in side view and usually reasonably small I can generate many pages of ideas very quickly. This is mostly down to the fact that you need to think about perspective very little, and can therefore concentrate on thinking about ideas. Almost the only...

Proportions And Measurements

Zeropoint Human

Anyone who has tried to draw the human figure has quickly learned that the hand is among the most complex of the body forms. To draw the hand accurately and with precision, you must know how to relate the individual parts to each other and how to unify the separate elements- A knowledge of proportions is necessary in art and should be used as a learning stage to new expressive adventures. This chapter will introduce essential measuring cues and their use in drawing the hand in correct...

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