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them by producing clean copy. This is also true of lithographers. It is important to remember that a newspaper uses line or coarse-screen halftone. Pulp magazines must use a coarser screen than other magazines. This means keeping fairly contrasting values to assure good reproduction. In all halftone reproduction the whites of your subject gray down somewhat; the middle tones flatten a little; and the darks become somewhat lighter. Watercolor is about the best medium for reproduction since it has no shine, is usually made small, and therefore requires less reduction. Any of the drawing mediums, however, can be reproduced well. Never submit a drawing on flimsy paper.

The artist should, early in his career, form the habit of orderliness. Keep things where you can find them. Your drawing, when submitted, should be scrupulously clean and matted with a flap to protect it from dirt. Keep your file in order and clip whatever you think will make it as complete in information as possible. I have a method of filing that works out nicely: I make an index in alphabetical order of what I have filed and then give my folders consecutive numbers. In this way I put several subjects in one file. For instance; I list bedrooms under B, and the file number for this subject is put alongside the listing. I also list sleeping poses under S and give it the same number. My folders go from one to three hundred. I can add as many more as I wish or add more subjects within the present folders by simply listing the additional subjects alphabetically and assigning a folder number. I have gradually learned the folder numbers, and, as soon as I see a subject, I find it without referring to the index. For instance, I know that airplanes go in number sixty-seven. On ever)' clipping I jot down the file number and put the clip into the drawer that contains the number. I have filled seven filing cabinet drawers. I can now go dircctly to a file that contains a school

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