The Approach To Figure Drawing

The first chapter of this book will be treated a little differently from the others, as a prelude to the actual figure, and to lay the groundwork of the structure we are later to build. This part of the book will be'of especial value to the layout man and to the artist for the preparation of preliminary sketches, roughs, the setting down of ideas, suggestions of actions and pose, where the figure must be drawn without the use of models or copy. This is the sort of work the artist does in advance of the finished work. This, in other words, is the work with which he sells himself to the prospective client. In that respect it is most important since it really creates opportunity. He will be able to prepare this work intelligently so that when he gets to the final work he will not be confused with new problems of perspective, spacing, and other difficulties.

The reader is urged to give this chapter his utmost attention since it is unquestionably the most important chapter in the book, and one to pay good dividends for the concentrated effort involved.

Shading The Human Figure
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